Discover Your

5 Inner Wisdoms

The meeting of ancient and modern paths

to mind-body healing & transformation




the fire that drives all from cells to stars, and propels our mind towards its destiny




the world of form, the stability and structure of body and mind and the carrier of spiritual life




the creative and resourceful response to life's every-changing forces and experiences




the nourishing stream and healing force that connects our lives and our bodies




a harmonizing force and intermediary, the wisdom of body and of the mind and heart
Asa is a leading expert in the integration of the 5 Element knowledge and practice into the fields of natural healing, holisitc psychology, bioenergy work, meditation and spiritual unfoldment. Based on a core of internal Tibetan Buddhist 5-element practices, the wisdom of the elements from ancient to modern times has been woven into an integrated whole.
Dr Asa Hershoff ND

Connect to the Power of Your Elemental Nature

The 5 Wisdoms Academy provides a sequence of trainings to give people a radically fresh and accurate understanding of the foundations of health and wellness, and a set of tools to directly impact all aspects of their lives.

Start with a free course or dive into Module 1 for a fresh take on personal transformation Traditional, solid, tried and true methods of inner change without the nonsense, false ideas or missteps.

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Energy Sensitivity

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Elemental Therapy

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Elemental Psychology

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Elemental Homeopathy

Elemental Homeopathy

This approach, based on ancient and very deep understanding of human types, takes the confusion out of the mass of remedies, patients, symptom-pictures and miasms. It delvers a fresh, human typology and archetype (nonJungian!)-based approach to homeopathic remedies, symptoms, and the people who express them, so that plant, mineral and animal families and the whole world of nature make perfect sense.

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